I work with clients from a compassionate place. 

Life can be unfair at times, and some situations seem uncontrollable. However, choosing therapy can give you a way to handle suffering & discomfort.




I am a supportive, affirming therapist who brings together different perspectives to promote better understanding of self and sustain growth. 

I will engage you and gently challenge you to unmask your true self and discover your true potential.

Individual & Family/Couples

Group Therapy

Current Patients


If you and I have spoken and agreed to a first appointment, you can click on the registration link below to sign up as a new client.

Patient Portal

Registered patients may send me a secure message via the patient portal link. 



Consultation, workshops, & invited lectures

Consultation, workshops, & invited lectures

I collaborate with educational institutions and organizations to strategize and implement trainings that focus on promoting inclusion and increasing employee self-awareness of diversity issues to strengthen staff relations. 

Consultation & Workshops


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